Beat the Dealer
Unlike Las Vegas, it's easy to Beat the Dealer in Houston. All you have to do is come to Trailer Wheel & Frame at 8222 North Freeway. We'll handle the rest.
We can't roll it into your financing at purchase, but we can get you a spray-on bedliner for $300. Instead of $6 a month on your 60-month loan, just have a hitch installed up front for $204.99.
Here's where Trailer Wheel & Frame can clearly BEAT THE DEALER:
  • Bed Liners

  • Nerf Bars

  • Hitches & Installations


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2000 FORD F-550

This was the star of our rental fleet for years, and, with 181,315 miles behind him, this F-550 is ready for his next adventure. Don't judge him by his exterior - rust on the hitch, some rust & scratches on the flatbed, a scratch on the left front fender, the dent behind the driver's door where someone tried to steal him, the missing dashboard panel, the old windshield wipers, and the Mateco Truck Equipment stickers that won't come off - but rather by what's under the hood, a 7.3-liter diesel V8 with plenty of miles left in it. (See the pics)

Again, don't judge this book by it's cover. Put him to work today for $7500.

RAM 3500

We have a trio of 2012 RAM 3500 ST 4WD regular cab flat beds with 6.7-liter i6 turbo engines. Primarily used for short haul, each has under 40k miles, and we are only selling them because RAM is sending us new ones. They run strong, and the AC cools well. Each could use some touch-up painting on the bed, but come equipped with a spare tire, tool box, trailer hitch and gooseneck hitch.

3C7WDTBL1CG231399: This is the most experienced of the bunch with 38,910 miles. He has been worked the hardest, with a dent on his passenger door and one on the left rear of the flatbed to show for it. We also ran the bumper into a curb once. Flatbed is 11.5' long. (See the pics)

Own this tough guy today for $27,199

3C7WDTAL0CG196453: Very much like the first one, only without a 5000-mile round-trip to Las Vegas, this workhorse has 33,400 miles under his belt. He was treated a little better than his stablemate, with only a shallow scratch on the hood where we dropped a ratchet handle on it. Slightly shorter than his brothers, this one has a 9.5' flatbed. (See the pics)

Haul your load in this one today for $27,299

3C7WDTBL8CG231397: This one had the privilege of being parked farthest from the door, so he was rented the least. He has the fewest miles (23,900) & least damage - one scratch on the right front fender, and a rough spot behind the driver's door where a thief tried to jimmy it open. Built with an 11.5' flatbed. (See the pics)

Take the baby brother of the fleet home today for $27,999

NOTE: Buy more than one, and we'll take 5% total off for each additional truck.

2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Extended Cab - 144,310 miles

Whether you're looking for a weekend project or your next work truck, this sturdy Chevy HD will work for you. With a 16-valve 6.0-liter OHV V-8, there is plenty of power under the hood. The exterior is still in pretty good shape with an RKI headache rack, wheel-to-wheel running boards, flow-through tailgate and a spray-on bedliner with a gooseneck hitch. The check engine light is on and, since we're trailer people not truck people, we're going to let you fix it. (See the pics)

You can drive it off today for only $3000.