You read that correctly. Trailer Wheel & Frame will replace your tire - for any reason - for the first 12 months from the date of the retail sale. Under our "NO EXCUSES GUARANTEE" program, when you buy a complete set of new tire assemblies* from Trailer Wheel & Frame, we'll replace your tire free at any time for 12 months.

(Details here)

There's more - each new set of our tire assemblies comes with 2 years of complimentary roadside assistance. Simply activate the card you're presented at purchase, and our partners at Customer Care Club will have your back. (Details here)

After Year 1, you're still covered under Trailer Wheel & Frame's 5-year warranty for manufacturer's defect. Also, all of our assemblies are filled with nitrogen, which maintains a tire's proper PSI longer, and - by extension - ensures the assembly meets load capacity. Lastly, each assembly is manufactured with steel inserts in the lug wells, improving safety by keeping proper torque retention.

No one is going to look out for your trailer like Trailer Wheel & Frame. Call Jason or Alfredo today to learn more about our NO EXCUSES GUARANTEE at Trailer Wheel & Frame, 281.931.777 - or send us a message right now.

We carry all sizes & ply levels, with prices from $95.99 for ST205, $124.99 for ST225 and $168.99 for ST235. Prices are for LionsHead tires mounted on standard steel frames.

* "Complete Set of New Tire Assemblies" - To qualify for the NO EXCUSES GUARANTEE, you must purchase          two new pre-mounted LionHead tires per axle on your trailer.

Trailer Wheel & Frame carries most sizes & ply levels. Call Alfredo or Jason for pricing and details, 281.931.7777.